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  • US$ 2.58


    Melina C

    Excelente, deja el rostro super limpio... lo uso diario
  • US$ 2.58



    This brush is super cute and my skin all ready feels softer. I love the massager side. It's an easy little tool to keep on hand to wash your face. I like it a lot better than just using my hands. It gets the makeup, oil and dirt off much better.
  • US$ 17.89


    Imee Downing

    I can see the result now after 2 weeks of use... I use 5 mins of blue light first on specific area on my face, then green light 2 mins in my forehead, 2 mins on the left side of my face, and 2 mins on the right side... then the red light same amount of time as green... I also notice it is more effective everytime i brush my face with facial serum... then I apply vitamin c and moisturizer after... my facial issues are white heads, dryness, sun spots, freckles.. i am happy with this product. I also using this for my vericous vein and i can see its coming off.
  • US$ 2.58



    I like it
  • US$ 2.58



    This is an amazing product. I bought 2 of these for me and my wife. We use it every day.
  • US$ 17.89


    Sarah Tr

    This beauty instrument offers a lot of benefits. It helps soften lines and wrinkles, reduce blemish, pigmented marks and much more. It offers various led light treatment which helps target various aspect. I usually wanted this for my acne blemishes. I used mostly the green and blue light. You obviously dont see any changes in few uses so i was consistent with my use. I used it three times/week for 10 min as advised for weeks now and i can finally see visible acne spots fading lightly. It is important to keep your face moist while using this product. I started with low intensity and increased it over time and the results are right in front of my eyes. Wonderful!!!
  • US$ 17.89


    Hyun jin OH

    Easy to use, very helpful for the absorption of water emulsion, feeling a lot smoother skin
  • US$ 17.89



    It’s the best product I was try! You have everything in one ! I have been using this product for only a week and already can see a noticeable difference in the appearance of my skin. I have lots of beauty devices, some costing over $450 and this is currently my favorite!
  • US$ 6.89



    If you're in the market for a face scrubber, make sure you get a silicone one. They has antibacterial qualities. This one shakes, jitters. Have to clean it after every use, whereas the silicone only needs rinsing.But it does what it says it will do, just jitters. Has several speeds I just found out......
  • US$ 6.89


    Elijah Olsen

    I love this product SOOO much. It was fairly cheap so i wasn’t sure about how nice the quality was going to be but it honestly does wonders. Definitely worth the buy and i would absolutely recommend. These are better than facial cleansing brushes like clarisonic because those can harbor bacteria in the brush fibers, but the silicone can’t absorb any of that bacteria and so it is a lot safer for the skin. I have had the tool for over a month and i have only charged it ONE TIME and it has lasted me every morning and every night of washing my face and i haven’t needed to charge it again since. Overall a great, great product! Would buy again!
  • US$ 6.89



    love this!! I haven’t charged it since I got it on the 17th of January, makes my routine so much better
  • US$ 17.89


    Mel berr

    I used it only a few times and my skin feels very smooth and tight I would compare it to a Derma roller but easier to use
  • US$ 17.89


    Qing Lu

    Used it for my godmom,she love it ,have to buy one more as a gift for her now!
  • US$ 6.89


    Lorysha Walters

    Tried this with low expectations because I could not afford the name brand version. This facial cleansing brush exfoliates and reduces puffiness all while making my morning fave cleaning routine easier and less messy (no wash cloths). Battery life is also great I have had this 2 months without charging. Would totally buy again or as a gift. :)
  • US$ 17.89



    I give it to my friend as a gift. It looks to have good quality, but I've no chance to use it.
  • US$ 6.89



    Amazing. I look younger and more vibrant. Wrinkles are nearly invisible. My best friend has the expensive version and the results are no different.
  • US$ 6.89



    Bought this to replace a Foreo that broke after having it for less than a month. I’ve had to for several months now, still working strong and haven’t had to charge yet. Even better than the Foreo cleansing brushes
  • US$ 6.89


    Paul Grooms

    I found this brush worked better for clearing my skin of minor blackheads and dead skin than using soap scrubs. No irritation and convenient.
  • US$ 6.89



    Awesome!! Don’t spend tons on money for the other brand. This is as good as it gets!!
  • US$ 6.89



    Leaves the face really clean while getting a soft massage. Easy to clean
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